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Barkcloth Hawaii - Hawaiian Print Fabrics - An Online Hawaiian Fabric Store

Barkcloth Hawaii - Hawaiian Fabrics -An Online Hawaiian Fabric Store offers Hawaiian fabrics, nubby fifties style upholstery bark cloth, tropical canvas & 50's atomic, retro apparel cotton for sewing vintage clothing, drapery & quilting. Our online fabric store meets your  drapery, crafting & other retro Hawaiian, Cuban and Caribbean home decor projects. Retail & Wholesale & Hospitality Industries

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Non-Upholstery Barkcloth Upholstery Grade Barkcloth: Nubby, Bark Crepe or Cotton Twill Apparel, Rayon, Canvas

It's sunny here on the islands most of the time so we don't have daylight savings time over here.
Our number is 808- 422 - 4321 or 429-1099 (mobile)
Our cell phone is 808-429-1099
Sometimes we are unable to get to the telephone, in that case just leave your name, phone number and the state you're calling from (please do not leave your credit card information on our answering machine.)  We will call you back as soon as we can.

About once a month we take a few days off on a weekend and head to the beach house for some R & R. We stay in touch via Blackberry  but during this time the process does slow down a bit. Mahalo.